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Energy Efficiency

From 2005 we have transformed our Meeting House and wardens’ bungalow into low carbon, sustainable buildings. In 2009 we became an Eco Congregation; in 2016 we were awarded a Silver Eco Church status.

In 2004 we used 52,873kWh to heat and light our building. 

In 2005 we switched or provider from British Gas to Good Energy (100% green electricity).

Although our electricity was now coming from renewable sources, we wished to reduce our actual usage. That would release “green” electricity for others to use.

Between 2005 and 2010 we:

  • Changed old tungsten bulbs & fluorescent strips to LED.
  • Changed storage heaters to air-to-air air source heat pumps.
  • Fixed 55mm of insulation to the insides of our solid walls.
  • Put a new “warm roof” over our old felted roof.
  • Double glazed about 50 windows.
  • Installed 60 solar PV panels
Energy usage

In 2009 Arocha awarded us Eco Church status.

In 2016 we:

  • Externally clad the wardens’ bungalow with insulation.
  • Reduced the size of the bungalow windows and triple glazed many.
  • Installed 15 solar PV panels on the bungalow roof.
  • Were granted silver Eco Church status by Arocha.

The meeting now buys about 11,000kWh a year from Good Energy, but generates about 12,100kWh from its 75 solar PV panels.

See a graph of improvements in heating, lighting, insulation and electricity generation 2004-2016.

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