Our Buildings

Our meeting house and warden’s bungalow date from 1964, when they replaced the Friends Hall of 1901. The meeting house combines “modernism and the gentle Bournville approach.”

Frederick Gregory designed the meeting house on an “L” plan, with sliding plate glass walls enclosing a secluded garden. The meeting room and foyer are at the building’s front. Classrooms stretch down the building’s side.  The kitchen and toilets are positioned between. Solid walls support low angled roofs.  Read more in our Cotteridge Heritage Report.

We made the building energy efficient after 2005 (see Energy Efficiency).

Meeting house

The meeting house garden was redesigned in 2012. It is a joy for everyone. A central circle of grass encourages quiet meditation. Paths lead children from a playhouse, up and round the garden, then down a slide to start again. Flowers feed insects in Summer; berries feed the birds in Autumn.

In 2007 our warden’s bungalow had one very large window and others with plastic panels below the windows. The roof (with solar water heater) had only just been insulated. Windows were double glazed, but much of the double glazing was very old and failing. Electric storage heaters provided heat.

Bungalow in 2008
Bungalow in 2007

In 2016 we refurbished the bungalow. We clad its walls with insulation. We reduced the size of some windows and triple glazed them. We replaced plastic panels with insulated brick wall. We installed solar PV panels on the roof. A new gas combi boiler now provides both hot water and space heating.

Bungalow in 2016
Bungalow in 2016