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Cotteridge Meeting for Worship will be held online using Zoom, 10.15 for 10.30-11.30 Sunday mornings, for the foreseeable future. Members, attenders and visitors can join us via a landline phone (speech only) or by using an intelligent phone, tablet or computer for video. 

To join us, request the Zoom link or the Zoom meeting number (for phone connection) and the password by no later than 6 pm EST on the previous Saturday evening.  Request by sending an email to cotteridgequakermeeting@gmail.com  with your name.

Joining by computer, iPad or smart phone: Click on the link to join. If Zoom is not already installed, it will install itself when a link is clicked.  Note that normally when you log in, your microphone will be muted.  If you feel called to minister, you can hold down your space bar for the time you wish to speak and then release it again. Alternatively press the unmute icon at the bottom left of your computer screen (top right on an iPad).  , (You may need to click on the edge of the computer screen/touch the edge of the iPad screen to see this icon.)

If there are more than 25 windows open on a computer (5 on an iPad), additional windows will open on a additional pages.  Use the arrows to move between the pages.

Joining by phone (sharing sound only): Dial one of these numbers: 0123 481 5240, 0131 460 1196, 0203 051 2874 or 0203 481 5237.  When asked for the number and password of your meeting, enter the meeting number and password given you by email (see above).

We have created an instruction sheet for using Zoom which is here.

There are some helpful video tutorials on the zoom website.

Cotteridge Children’s Meeting will be held at 4 pm each Sunday. Details are sent direct to parents/carers.

Emails to request information on other Central England on-line meetings:
Bournville Meeting: bournville@quaker.org.uk; Bull St Meeting: bullstreet@quaker.org.uk Selly Oak Meeting: sellyoak@quaker.org.uk 

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and the Friends World Committee for Consultation offer public online meetings for worship at various times.  All worship is 30 minutes unless otherwise stated:

Monday at 09:30 via Zoom
 at 07:00 via Zoom
Tuesday at 19:30 via Zoom
 at 07:00 via Zoom
Wednesday at 09:30 via Adobe Connect
Thursday (1 hour)  at 11:00 via Zoom
Thursday at 19:30 via Zoom
Friday at 13:00 via Adobe Connect
Friday at 21:00 via Zoom
 (1 hour)  at 10:30 via Zoom
Sunday at 19:30 via Zoom

You can join the Woodbrooke online meeting room a few minutes before the start of each meeting. Simply click here for Zoom worship or click here for adobe connect worship.

Woodbrooke also provides general information about online meetings.